Тема: Описание обновления бета-версии PvP-режима Overwatch 2 – 12 мая  (Прочитано 891 раз)

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Для бета-версии Overwatch 2 вышло небольшое балансировочное обновление, в котором разработчики немного откорректировали Батиста, чуть-чуть усилили Соджорн и упростили использование механики "Супер-прыжка" у Ангела.:cut:

Описание этого обновления доступно только на английском.

Overwatch 2 PvP Beta Patch Notes - May 12, 2022

Hero Updates


Regenerative Burst

This change helps reinforce Baptiste as a Support hero that can save allies in clutch moments. This new functionality is intended to synergize with Immortality Field, allowing for faster recovery after saving his allies (or himself!) from imminent danger
  • Now heals for 50 instantly and 50 over time, instead of 100 over time. Additionally, the instant heal portion will be doubled on targets that are 50% or lower health.  (Please note that we are aware of an issue where this ability is not updated on the hero information screen)**
  • No longer heals Baptiste for double

Guardian Angel

This is an initial implementation of new functionality designed to give Mercy players more options in how they use Guardian Angel. Some Mercy players were already able to do similar boosts by using a somewhat complicated technique often referred to as ‘Super jump’. This new functionality will allow all players to more consistently perform similar boosts, while the original technique is still there and remains untouched. In some ways this new cancel boost is even stronger than the original technique, since players are able to do this at any time rather than requiring them to be near their target. This is just an initial implementation and we’re eager to get feedback on how to improve it.
  • Can now also be canceled by using the crouch key. If this key is used to cancel the ability, Mercy will be launched high into the air.


Sojourn has been a little weak since her initial addition to the roster. While this change doesn’t seem huge, increasing her rate of fire increases her alternate fire charge rate and ultimate gain, as well as purely increasing her primary fire’s raw DPS. Whenever a weapon’s rate of fire changes, it also changes how quickly the weapon will drain its magazine and run out of ammo. We’re increasing her ammo count to compensate for this.
  • Railgun primary rate of fire increased from 13 to 15 shots-per-second
  • Railgun maximum ammo increased from 40 to 45


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Убили суперджамп. Теперь не поресать в воздухе.


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Почему убили? Наоборот всем раздали, даже тем, кто не умел


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Я вообще прочитал как: дали ещё один, альтернативный.
А если ещё один можно будет заканселить в другой - ух.
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Вот тут хорошее объяснение, если английский не пугает. Первая половина - патчноуты, вторая - приколы с мерси