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На официальном сайте опубликован обзор основных фракций в Dragonflight, которые разработчики прозвали системой "Крупных фракций". Эта система по словам авторов игры позволит развивать свою известности среди основных фракций вместо обычных уровней репутации и откроет дополнительный контент и награды на Драконьих островах.:cut:
  • Крупных фракций на Драконьих островах четыре: Драконья экспедиция, Искарские клыкарры, Кентавры Маруук, Союз Валдраккена. Каждая из них имеет свою систему прогресса с дополнительным контентом под разные типы игры и свои  награды.
  • Развивать известность со всеми фракциями можно одновременно. Способов развития множество, и в их число входит одиночный и групповой контент, сбор припасов, выполнение заданий и ремесленных заказов. У каждой фракции есть уникальный контент вроде охоты с кланом Шикаар, подледного лова у клыкарров или осады крепости с черными драконами.
  • Развитие репутации с Драконьей экспедицией связано с исследованиями и может открыть игрокам доступ к древней системе путешествий в виде путевых врат на Драконьих островах, картам сокровищ, возможностям исследования, каталогизирования и карабканья по скалам. Среди наград можно получить усиления для умений фракции и косметические предметы в тематике археологии.
  • Развитие репутации с Искарскими клыкаррами открывает новые возможности для рыбной ловли вроде дополнительных лунок и орудий, участию в рыболовных испытаниях и готовке всеобщего пира. Среди наград можно получить улучшения для рыбной ловли и прочие подобные вещи.
  • Развитие репутации с Кентаврами Маруук открывает доступ к групповому событию для 5 игроков – великой охоте на монстров Равнин Он'ары с особыми наградами и событию сопровождения каравана с различными бонусами, заданиями и возможностями. Среди наград можно получить боевых питомцев и опции внешности для ездовых драконов.
  • Развитие репутации с Союзом Валдраккена путем завершения заказов и ремесленных заданий, исследования Драконьих островов и гонок на драконах позволяет получить очки для развития профессий и уникальные материалы. Среди наград можно получить варианты внешности для драконов, звания, боевых питомцев. Также игроки могут задружиться с Гневионом или Сабеллианом, чтобы выполнить их задания и получить уникальные косметические награды.
Dragonflight: Major Factions Overview

Dragonflight ushers in a unique way of experiencing outdoor progression with a system called Major Factions, boasting an additional way to experience the Dragon Isles and earn Renown ranks through Reputation.

How it Works

The four Major Factions in the Dragon Isles are the Dragonscale Expedition, Iskaara Tuskarr, Maruuk Centaur, and Valdrakken Accord, and each Major Faction’s progression is unique. As you build a reputation with your newfound friends, you’ll participate in content fitting a variety of playstyles to earn prestigious titles and special rewards. If you're the outgoing type, you can also work toward gaining the respect and adoration of all the Major Factions if you wish. For those who like the added challenge, reach the highest Renown rank with each Major Faction to complete achievements.

To earn Reputation and progress through the ranks of Renown with Major Factions, along your journey, you’ll complete solo and group events, Supply and Crafting quests, and Work Orders. You can hunt with the Shikaar Clan or escort Clan Aylaag and protect them as they cross the Ohn’ahran Plains. Go ice fishing and help cook a feast for your new Iskaaran Tuskarr friends. Or lay siege on Dragonbane Keep in a public event to assist the Obsidian Outcasts in reclaiming their home.

Dragonscale Expedition

Once rivals, the Alliance’s Explorers’ League and the Horde’s Reliquary have joined forces to form an expedition to explore the Dragon Isles. These craftsmen, explorers, archaeologists, and other knowledge-seekers arrived at the Dragon Isles together and set aside their rivalries to pursue knowledge and artifacts. Shared adventures in nature and discoveries have brought them together, and they have learned to appreciate the unique skill sets each other offers. They have become true allies and, dare we say... friends!

Earning Renown with the Dragonscale Expedition is a gift unto itself. The Dragonscale Expedition is making significant discoveries, including an ancient travel network, and you can be part of it. As you progress through the ranks of Dragonscale Expedition Renown, you’ll be able to power up Waygates scattered throughout the Dragon Isles that even your alts can take advantage of.

Go on a journey of discovery and find treasure maps scattered throughout the Dragon Isles The more Renown you have, the more access to items that will help you dig for treasure or unlock magic-bound chests. And, you’ll earn Dragon Isles Supplies to upgrade your Exploration, Climbing, and Cataloguing abilities.

Dragonscale Expedition vendors are found throughout the Dragon Isles. You can get tools like the Expedition Metal Detector and Sturdy Expedition Shovel to aid in your search for treasure. Or an Expedition Supply Kit to turn your Dragon Isles Supplies into upgrades for Exploration, Rock Climbing, and Cataloging abilities.

These are only a few benefits when joining the Dragonscale Expedition. As you earn Renown, you’ll unlock rewards and items to help you on your trek through the Dragon Isles.

Iskaara Tuskarr

The tuskarr of Iskaara have called the Dragon Isles home for countless generations. After many harsh winters on the ice, they have learned to value the warmest things in life: friends, family, a hot bowl of soup, and a long story told over a crackling fire. So, if you can fish, cook, or tell a hearty tale, the tuskarr will welcome you with open arms. However, when threatened, the tuskarr are some of the fiercest fighters in Azeroth. As new and old enemies rise against them, every spear of the community must be raised to fight for survival. Raise your spear alongside them and take a bowl of soup for the journey!

Building Renown with the Iskaara Tuskarr will teach you new ways to fish, unlock exclusive fishing holes, and tools to access along the way. Fish in three challenging and unique biomes with harpoons and collect fish with a net instead of a line. Take your catch back to Iskaara to prepare a proper Tuskarr meal, where completing the Community Feast event will reward hungry adventurers.

Iskarra Tuskarr Renown vendors offer unique tools to help you on your path to success. Use the Iskaaran Fishing Net in fishing holes to catch fish or the Iskaaran Harpoon to catch exceptionally big lunkers. Improve these tools by taking gathered reagents to a Fishing Work Bench and having a tuskarr craftsman improve their capabilities.

Maruuk Centaur

The Maruuk Centaur are the primary denizens of the Ohn’ahran Plains and is made up of multiple centaur clans that share one culture. These hunters, nomads, and storytellers were once guided to the Ohn’ahran Plains by Ohn’ahra, the Wild God of the Wind. Clans rise and fall in power, but they maintain relative peace among themselves and the dragons. Though they are initially cautious of the outsiders who just arrived on their shores, they will challenge you to prove yourself worthy of their respect.

Those wishing to earn Renown with the Maruuk Centaur can join a Grand Hunt with Clan Shikaar. These events are group content for five or more players to engage in combat against beasts, dragonkin, giants, and elementals. There are 11 Grand Hunt locations, and players will be rewarded for each stage of the Grand Hunt they participate in.

Players must complete the License to Hunt quest and have Renown 6 with the Maruuk Centaur to gain access to Grand Hunts. Players will also benefit from partnering with a powerful animal companion during the hunts. Once unlocked, your companion will always be by your side during the Grand Hunts.

For more Reputation, explore the nomadic lifestyle of clan Aylaag as their caravan makes its way across the Ohn’ahran Plains. They pack up their camp and move every few days and will need protection. Should you choose to escort them, you’ll see more opportunities for adventure, quests, unique rewards, and more with each stop.

Earn enough Renown with the Maruuk Centaur to gain access to a consumable item that will return you to clan Aylaag’s current camp location in the Ohn’ahran Plains. Along the way, you’ll earn additional reward items like battle pets and customizations for you and your dragon.

Valdrakken Accord

Valdrakken is the shining capital of the Dragon Isles. Here, the Valdrakken Accord has been formed by the unified dragonflights and represents the might of all dragonkind working harmoniously to carry out their orders. The dragons’ recent return has seen the Accord’s attention shift closer to home. Still, with the able assistance of allies new to their shores, they will again rise to pursue their foundational goal, assisting the dragonflights in protecting Azeroth.

Earn a name with the Valdrakken Accord by completing various Supply and Crafting quests, Work Orders, Dragon Isles exploration, and Dragonriding races to get specialization points and unique materials. Completing the weekly Supply and Crafting quests will earn you some Reputation with the Valdrakken Accord. And the completion of Supply quests will offer some Reputation for the faction directly impacted by your assistance.

Wait, Dragonriding races?

Yes! Put your wings to the test and Race through the skies to make a name for yourself. Aside from the respect and Renown you gain from the Valdrakken Accord, you’ll also earn drake customization options, titles, a battle pet, and more. To learn more about becoming a Dragonrider and ascending to new heights, read our article on Dragonriding.

Choosing sides was never more rewarding. Assist the black dragonflights while also building Reputation and Renown with Valdrakken Accord. Decide to support Wrathion or Sabellian’s claim to the throne at the Obsidian Citadel for access to several rewards, like the Black Scales appearance for all four dragonriding mounts, transmogs, and the Armoire of Endless Cloaks toy from Wrathion. Ultimately, you’ll be able to help both leaders, but choose one each week for a big bonus and a follow-up quest.

Does Wrathion have your support?

Visit the official site to learn more about the Dragonflight expansion and prepare to take on new adventures in Azeroth![Источник]
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Когда на 1 известность нужно было по 1к репы, и за 5 реликов давали по 125 очков - было конечно хорошо.
Но требования повысили до 2к, и за 5 штук дают теперь только 75.
Уменьшилось ли количество рюкзаков, сундуков, и зарытых сокровищ на карте - не знаю, но до увеличения требований, они резко увеличились до невероятно огромного количества.

Отвратительно короче говоря - теперь всё придётся дольше делать. Да, это не шибко и напряжно было просто летать по кругу и за полчаса фармить аж целых 2 уровня реновна, и теперь подумаешь, займёт это дело час-полтора, но всё же.


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Когда на 1 известность нужно было по 1к репы, и за 5 реликов давали по 125 очков - было конечно хорошо.
Но требования повысили до 2к, и за 5 штук дают теперь только 75.

Сейчас вот 2,5к надо за уровень, да и за локалки начали 50-60 ед. давать ) Также они снова вернули 3к репы в викли. Хотя пару недель назад надо было 2к...
Во вторник обновились локалки и у них кд стало 3 дня 12 часов. Так что до релиза они много чего будут менять)


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Развитие репутации с Драконьей экспедицией связано с исследованиями и может открыть игрокам доступ к древней системе путешествий в виде путевых врат на Драконьих островах, картам сокровищ, возможностям исследования, каталогизирования и карабканья по скалам. Среди наград можно получить усиления для умений фракции и косметические предметы в тематике археологии.
Странно, что путевые врата до сих пор не появились полноценно на тестовых серверах(для открытия требуют всего-то 7 уровень известности), хотя раскиданные заготовки для них уже давно можно найти в локациях.
за 5 реликов давали по 125 очков - было конечно хорошо.
Я тут проверил - 75 за 5 "артефактов" дают только у 3 фракций, у кентавров по прежнему 125:


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